Adept at Camden Underworld

Photos by Warren Zanin

Adept-Camden-Underworld-3-secondAdept launches into tonight’s performance with an explosive command from singer Robert Ljung: “Let’s burn this fucker down!” Unbeknown to the crowd, the band has busted its ass to make it to the Underworld in Camden to play for its London fans, following some major dramas and delays in Paris. Over half an hour late, Robert thanks the crowd for waiting and cites the day as the most stressful ever but never once is the impression given that Adept is anything but totally excited to be there. The band makes the most of its twenty minutes by ripping through the crowd with four brutal songs including favourites Sound the Alarm and Shark! Shark! Shark! The audience is left shell-shocked, with the Adept’s metalcore sound burnt onto the soul of each and every member.




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