Arkaea: Years in the Darkness album review

Years in the DarknessLook out people! Arkaea is about to blow up, out and all over. The band’s debut album Years in the Darkness certainly got my blood bubbling with excitement. Ex Fear Factory bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera have recruited Threat Signal bassist Pat Kavanagh and vocalist Jon Howard to form one of metal’s most promising new acts. The Fear Factory influence is inherent in Arkaea’s music, which is an amalgamation of thrash, groove and industrial metal. Heavy guitar riffs are complimented by rhythm and melody to create a sound which has forged thirteen beautifully brutal tracks that reflect the band’s diversity.

Years in the Darkness showcases the talent of singer Jon Howard, whose vocal range is best encapsulated in Gone Tomorrow – a song that agonises over the desire to escape the painful consequences of our actions and decisions. The singer’s initial melancholic tone is juxtaposed with angst-filled singing in the chorus, which is jarringly interrupted with hair-raisingly emotive screams. The more aggressive vocals in Awakening, enhanced by some raucous double-bass drumming, will inspire listeners to get on to that floor and bang their heads into oblivion. Break the Silence is an ode to Fear Factory’s progressive attitude to metal, which enabled the band to fuse groove and industrial so effectively. The album relies heavily on Fear Factory’s successful formula and thus isn’t breaking any originality boundaries but it is well executed and the experience of some of metal’s most treasured possessions certainly shows. Metal fans of all denominations will find something to appreciate in Years in the Darkness and any future projects of Arkaea are definitely something to anticipate.

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