Homemade treat hacks #1 (Cereal Killer Cafe)


Cereal Killer Cafe is totes awesome but sometimes you just wanna engorge a smorgasbord of E-numbers, marshmallow fluff and glitter sprinkles from the comfort of your couch at home while Daenerys Targaryen busts some badass dragon moves on the Lannister army. Right? In which case, a hack is in order. Check it:

Here’s what you need: a bunch of cool sprinkles, mini-marshmallows, marshmallow fluff, Fruit Loops and Ricicles, party rings (although Fox’s ones are not that bright in colour, which is a buit of a bummer but not disastrous) plus edible glitter, milk and Nesquick (strawberry is yum but any flavour is also good).

Chuck the ingredients together. And here’s what you get:

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