Homemade treat hacks #2 Unicorn Shake

Unicorn shakes are all about excess. There is absolutely no point to them if they don’t look ridiculous and disgusting and delicious in one fell swoop. Check it:

You’ll need: a milkshake (vanilla ice-cream, fresh strawbs and milk); marshmallow fluff and cream (the spray kind is easiest); ice-cream cones, icing and sprinkles (for the unicorn horn and around the rim of the glass) and loads of unicorn-inspired sweets.

Making the shake is probs quite obvious but the bits that took time were: the unicorn horns (mix icing sugar and water, keeping it fairly runny – I added almond essence because I love it – and then coat the ice cream cones, which you’ve cut to size, in the icing before rolling them in sprinkles; then leave to dry) and the glass rims (you need to make butter icing for this, spread it around the rim of the glass and then roll in sprinkles). Once this is done, make your milkshake, pour in glasses, top with cream and marshmallow fluff before decorating.

Then eat drink and be merry. Very.

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