Horror Ponies


So who thinks that making Alien, Skeletor or Chewbacca into a My Little Pony is a good idea? I know that all your hands are raised and your shouts of enthusiasm can be heard for miles around… but sorry to disappoint. Mari Kasurinen has already snapped up this gem of an idea.

The artist has launched a new collection of My Little Pony figurines that retail at £330 each. Yes, I did say £330 per pony.

The range consists of fourteen ‘characters’, which look like things out of a horror movie entitled Rosemary’s Pony or Corpse Ponies, or Don’t Tell Mom My Pony Killed The Baby-sitter or Buffy The Killer-pony Slayer or Pony Chainsaw MassacreI could go on for years. The ponies will either make you run in terror or laugh hysterically. Please observe:

My Little Pony Slave Princess Leia


My Little Pony Stormtrooper


My Little Pony Han Solo


My Little Pony Chewbacca


My Little Pony Edward Scissorhands


My Little Pony Pirates of the Caribbean Sparrow


My Little Pony Cry Baby


My Little Pony Batman & Robin


My Little Pony He-Man


My little Pony Skeletor


My Little Pony Alien


My Little Pony Kill Bill Bride


My Little Pony Elvis


My Little Pony The Joker


My Little Pony was launched in 1983, when I was a year old, and the original line was discontinued in 1995. They were hugely popular in the 80s and at one point even outsold Barbie.

My first My Little Pony cost R7 (seven rand) and her name was Starlight. In 1986, when I was four years old and my mom was teaching me to read, I refused point-blank to read the book Diggy Mole’s New Home, which she was flapping wildly in front of my face. The only way she could get me to do it was the threat of taking away my My Little Pony viewing privileges. So I read.

I sound like my Gran recounting her “when I was younger” stories, but when one sees My Little Pony interpreted as Ripley’s nemesis, it kind of messes with your head. In a good way.

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