Jamie’s American Food Revolution: inspiring optimism might save the day

I have just finished watching Jamie’s American Food Revolution. The chef’s protest against processed foods in national schools, and his campaign to change unhealthy diets and poor cooking habits for the better, has been successful in the UK and Jamie has decided to take on the big ol’ U.S of A.

Hanging out with the Naked Chef while he fought an uphill battle on behalf of nutritions eating, in Huntington – a town referred to as the “fattest town in America”, was frustrating to say the very least. I just can’t understand how people can be so small minded and careless, about themselves and their children. It’s really hard not to be judgemental when people behave so stupidly, especially when laziness and ignorant arrogance prove the cliché of ‘small town mentality’ to be true. And the fact that nit-picking bureaucracy gets in the way of saving lives, although unsurprising, is just ridiculous.

I would have given up a week, probably a couple of days, into the challenge, which Jamie Oliver took on with eternal optimism. His attitude just blew my mind, and the passion he has for a cause that he knows is right is totally inspiring. When something as simple as ‘eat healthy to prevent death’ is a concept that is refuted in spite of glaring evidence, my attitude would be to let the people wallow in their own lard and die the early deaths that they have brought upon themselves. But Jamie battled admirably against the stubborn soldiers of fat, and his commitment is genuine. The chef cares about the individual – I only hope that Huntington will be inspired by the food revolution that Jamie Oliver has started in their town. Big cheers for a cooking renaissance in America: let’s be optimistic.

Check out Jamie’s flash mob campaign aimed at encouraging residents to take up the offer of free cooking at the Naked Chef’s Huntington kitchen: