Stuff white People Like

stuff white people likeChristian Lander is my hero. If you have not visited, get your ass online and do it NOW! It is the funniest shit in the history of ever! In fact, I love it so much that I spent last evening at the London School of Economics listening to a lecture given by Lander entitled, STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE – How to find social success with the urban-dwelling middle classes. And let me tell you, I was audience to an hour and a half long comedy session that I didn’t even have to pay for: awesome! Lander started his talk off by reading a piece of writing from his new book, Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions, which has just been released in the UK. His opening reading, #11 on the list of stuff white people like: Asian Girls, got him banned from delivering a lecture at Oxford University. A great start to an evening of raucous hilarity … and insight.

Lander’s story is almost supernatural. He started a blog about stuff white people like after having a conversion with his friend Myles (who also writes for the blog) about the fact that white people who do not watch The Wire cannot be trusted and the possible activities that non-Wire watching white people could be engaged in. Some ideas were “Going to therapy, watching plays, doing yoga and getting divorced” – and this sparked Lander’s entrance into the world of blogging (January 18 2008). With wordpress downloaded, Lander forwarded his blog to 20 of his buddies who in turn forwarded it on to their friends and within a couple of months the blog was laying claim to 400,000 hits a day. By early March – less than two months after the blog started – Lander had chosen an agent and by the end of the month he had a book deal in place. Lander quit his job on March 31. Like I said … “my hero”.

Lander mentioned that the more he wrote, the more he began to realise that he was writing about himself. Although, much of was he says is on the part of a ‘hater’ taking the piss out of the stereotypical characterisations of the educated white middle-class, he is filled with self-loathing because he is part of that very strata. And this is an inescapable state of being. It’s satire at its very best. Naturally, not every post will apply to every white person and, according to Lander, one does not need to be pale to be ‘white’: it’s all about class, Barack Obama being the classic example.

By the time Q and A time arrived and my eyes were wet with tears of laughter, I was excited to hear what the audience would offer to the presentation. Sadly, I am disappointed to say that most questions were retarded attempts at establishing some kind of highfalutin intellectual superiority. I spent ten minutes cringing until the dude in front of me asked which Wire character Lander likes the most. This I appreciated. To my utmost shame and self loathing I was greatly excited when “Omar” was the name that spilled into the auditorium. Why was I excited? Because Omar is also my favourite character … the Unique Taste of Millions – I am truly white.

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