A Princess Catherine Doll without the princess!?


Excuse me Kate, but you have a leaf stuck to your head – and it’s pink… oh wait… sorry… that’s fashion!?

A host of leading British designers have come together to fly the flag for British fashion with the creation of an exclusive and highly collectible toy, the Princess Catherine Doll. She comes with a pink leaf hat, a towel dress, some gold-grandma-glitz shoes and a matching bag, and a purple rock ring to match.

In all honesty, the doll is rather dull…

Who cares about stupid fashion? When it comes to princess paraphernalia, we want fairytale kitsch, not modern minimalism. And where are all the accessories – the carriage, the corgi, the crown… HELLO!?

Fuck haute couture!

There’s not even a little Kate brush to tease her poofy dolly hair. *sulk*