A world gone mad #coronavirus


Are we really this weak? This selfish? This…I don’t know – pitiful. Swarming supermarkets like a hoard of locusts stripping shelves of water, toilet paper, baby wipes, nappies, pasta, cans of everything, cheese (really?), hummus (come on!), rice, flour, soap and hand sanitiser; in preparation for…

…an apocalypse? A zombie hoard. Ebola? A year’s quarantine?

Where’s our grit? Resilience? Chutzpah?

Respect for our fellow man?

Is this what happens to a world that relies on a fear-peddling media, resulting in an inability to formulate independent opinions. Is this what happens when a generation that’s spent its entire life living in pursuit of its own self-interest is faced with its own mortality – en masse, all at once? We lose the plot. Common sense is hoisted out and insanity sets in.

Is this who we are?

What if we just bought a regular supply? Maybe an extra bottle of Calpol and some paracetamol. Then everyone would have enough soap to keep their hands clean to help delay the spread of the virus as per government plan. Just.Basic.Hygiene.

Now there are people who will have none.

Bits of life will come to a stand still. Entertainment, services, businesses. There might be some rationing at some point. Like there was during and after the great wars. Our grandparents could handle it. Not us.

All the guys and gals who wrote all those end-of-the world movies are, like; yup, we told you this would happen! It’s exactly why people loot guns and shoot each other. Because no one will share.

It’s all about me.me.me.me.me.me.me.me… Who? Oh yes…me.

I really hope that those who’ve ransacked the supermarkets in a panic (puh-lease) are prepared to share some of their excess with the 4.1 million children (and their families) living in poverty in this country…never mind anyone else who might have a baby that needs a nappy or dinner for their children, or themselves.

#getagrip #thisisnottheapocalypse

Know who you are. What you believe in. And look fear in the face.

Be courageous.