As I Lay Dying at Koko

Photo by Warren Zanin

Some bands are larger than life. As I lay Dying is one of those bands. Tonight, the San Diego metallers perform a powerful set in the baroque opulence of London’s Koko. In complete contrast to the grandiose setting of the ex-theatre venue, As I Lay Dying is void of stage antics. The band get straight to the point: it’s all about the music.

Ending a month long tour with a barbarous bang, As I Lay Dying offers fans the chance to get down and dirty with some ruthless metal mania. The insanity is triggered by 94 Hours, which is followed by a killer setlist including An Ocean Between Us, Upside Down, Beyond Our Suffering, The Sound Of Truth, Within Destruction, Parallels, Anodyne Sea, Through Struggle, Nothing Left and Confined.

As frontman Tim Lambesis flings his mic around, bangs his head and punches the air in a metal salute, his voice never lets up – it’s full on, relentless aggression from start to finish. Parallels elicits a frenzy and the words

I am a walking contradiction that’s found consistency
Consuming everything all without producing sustenance

are bellowed by the crowd with emotive determination. The band is super tight and makes technical guitar work look effortless. The evening culminates in a wall of death that sends fans bombarding into one another as Confined takes control.

The gargantuan presence of As I Lay Dying lingers even after the band has left the stage… and fans relive a brilliant performance as they file out of the auditorium.