Bale Blows

baleThe audio clip of Christian Bale performing a near Patrick Bateman on the set of Terminator Salvation, has been the highlight of my week. Lighting technician Shane Harlbut meandered across the set whilst filming was in progress, sending Bale, who is known for his volatile temperament, into a rage (follow the link to listen). Bale’s rampage is a prime example of egotism at its best, and I love it. It ranks highly on my list of favourite soliloquies (yes, I have a list of favourite soliloquies). I love that Bale is unable to fathom the stupidity of the technician. I love that he loses control. I love that he is so angry that the only thing he can say is ‘Fuck’. It’s just so real. I mean, the guy killed his mojo – he took Bale out of the zone. All of the emotion invested in the scene…for nothing. And he is a method actor after all, what can one expect John Connor’s reaction to be? Director Darren Aronofsky has come out in support of Bale “According to the BBC, Aronofsky has described the tantrum as ‘reasonable.’ Speaking at London’s Film Critic’s Circle Awards, Aronofsky said, ‘I think he [Bale] was right. I don’t think he was out of line.’ According to Aronofsky, the period between ‘action’–when the film is being shot–and cut is ‘a sacred time. The first time is excusable. The second time ruins it.’ Aronofsky’s sentiment is backed up by Michael Winner, a veteran of film sets in L.A. ‘[Bale] is 100% right’ about losing his temper, Winner said in a statement to reporters.”

Bale says what we wish we had the balls to say to that incompetent co-worker, to the wanker down the street or to that aggravating family member. Bale lets rip for those of us who wish we had said the same thing once upon a time, but didn’t. Sometimes the diva within must be unleashed for the sake of self preservation. For the sake of sanity. For the sake of catharsis. Life is a constant struggle to control our primal urges and aggression but sometimes we are entitled to break the shackles of the code of conduct imposed on us by society – the code that we impose on ourselves. Just sometimes we are allowed to lose control. Just sometimes we are entitled to a petulant and temperamental moment. Just sometimes. Then it’s back to a reality that insists on controlled emotion. A harsh but necessary reality.