Best stores at Comic Con 2011

…stand in a horrendously long queue (because online ticket purchase requires such thing as ‘forethought’); see some famous people; meander through masses, literally masses, of people; shed a tear and have a sulk upon the dawning realisation there is so much to have that cannot be afforded; chat with Alien; run from Predator, swear at the free huggers and laugh at the manga freaks… that’s what comic con is all about.

So, because brokeness is the name of my uber sad game at the moment, I spent Comic Con 2011 collecting cards and mouthing “woe is me” in a Shakespearean drawl as I gazed on items of awesomeness that escaped my grasp because, rather unfairly, money does not grow on trees.

Here are the best stores at Comic Con 2011 (entirely subjective of course):

Dark City Gallery: some really amazing artwork hosted by this online store.

under the floorboards: more rad film-based artwork. LOVE the Alien print!

Dragon Dreads: this online store sells loads of crazy stuff but the coolest is the jewellery – it’s good enough to eat!