Best Vampire movie posters

Vampires are cool. And Vampire movie posters are especially cool. Why? Because you can keep them in your house without the risk of near and imminent death. Always a good thing.

I have been scouring the web for some awesome pics with which to adorn my home. As it turns out – although I am a fan of blood, guts and gore – I tend to prefer a more subtle vampire film advertisement. Something that disturbs. Something that breathes a sense of mystery. Something that signifies a vampire’s character in a not-so-obvious manner. At least that’s what I prefer when it comes to newer vamp movie releases.

As far as the older movies go, a stark, garish style is what I like. Dated vamp flicks also have awesome slogans!

Isn’t art magnificent?

Check out these beauties (and I am not apologising for the Let Me In bias – the posters are unbelievable):