‘Bomber Jackets’ from the 90s

Back to the 90s Series

In a nutshell; the 90s were awesome. Why wouldn’t we want to remember them? Rant! indulges in little nostalgia.

They were black and orange (black outside, orange inside), satin and über poofy. All the cool guys wore them. And we called them ‘bomber jackets’.

At primary school, back in the 90s, ‘bomber jackets’ were THE deal. Hot boys wore them and hot girls wanted to ‘grab’ any, and all, wearers – it was a status thing. Michael Hutchinson had one, so did Remy Cano and Nicky Teale. Yup, I remember… names and everything.

PS. Girls who wore bombers were usually closet lesbians.

Before I am arrested by the CIA or MI5 for googling various versions of ‘Bomber Jacket’ let it be known that a)I am not a terrorist, and b)I found only one picture that is remotely close to THE ‘bomber jacket’ that had the potentil to make or break reputations 20 years ago. Look right… and remember.

*POINT OF INFORMATION: In the 90s ‘grab’ (or ‘graunch’ for that matter) referred to a kiss in which saliva was most definitely, and most vigorously, exchanged.