Corey Taylor

Sometimes I think about Corey Taylor. I used to read his column in Rock Sound, and when I stopped buying the mag (in favour of Metal Hammer) the only thing I missed was ‘Corey’s Column’. He’s an interesting guy. The charisma that is the embodiment of the Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman is commanding, captivating and controlling. I was never a Slipknot fan until I saw the band live in London, and I garnered an appreciation for the metaphor of human evil that then-nine (now eight) psychos, so morbidly and horrifically, represents. The band is a figure of speech made tangible. And I totally get it. Corey Taylor personifies the testosterone-driven-anger-machine that is Slipknot and yet there is a melancholic thoughtfulness that resonates through the eyes and in the soul of the master vocalist. It’s not all hate-kill-death. That would be boring. Check out these awesome pics (they speak volumes and I wanted to share):