Corey Taylor’s neck

Have you ever had seen Corey Taylor’s neck? It’s HUGE. Fucking massive! I have had the privilege of viewing the pulsating projection up-close and personal, and I live to tell that the tremendous trunk blends into the singer’s head with expert craftsmanship, as if the man was designed precisely for the purpose of horrifically heavy headbanging. In fact, rumour has it that the secret to the frontman’s mammoth metal charisma lies in the mighty muscle that fans have come to know as “Corey Taylor’s thick-ass neck.” Good thing Napoleon is dead and Corey Taylor was not born noble, French and in the eighteenth century, or Madame la Guillotine would have had a proper feast. According to Shawn Crahan, Taylor’s neck is an impressive 18-inches in size. WTF? How marvellous! It’s a pity that battering rams are not all that relevant to modern society; if medieval warfare was the name of today’s game, the man would have made a mint as a ‘Human Bulldozer’. Oh Corey, you beaut’ – both you and mostly your leviathan neck!

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