Disney princesses get a zombie makeover


One of the biggest arguments against the Disney princess culture is that it propagates a fallacy; that life is one big happily every after by way of a handsome hero, some perfectly pitched melodies and a protagonist with utopian hair and a size zero waist. It assumes love at first sight and suggests that pretty people are good and ugly people are bad. It’s a nice idea (the world would certainly be a lot less complicated albeit entirely boring) but one-dimensionality is not a characteristic of real life.

In answer to the incessant badgering of feminism and the petitions of panic-stricken moms Disney has worked hard to try and mix up its Magic Kingdom; with the likes of Flynn Rider – a hunk with questionable morals , Merida – her own hero(ine) and Elsa – an emo-inspired assimilation of yin and yang traits, Disney movies have become a lot more meaty. Which is great but sometimes a stronger approach is required to purge the bullshit. If ever there was a metaphor that could obliterate the fantasy of Prince Charming and his Princess in one fell swoop, it’d be Zombies. No question. Cruel in their contemplation, zombies slam man for his doltish deference to the mind of the masses – to popular opinion or media-inseminated ideology.

Horror can always be trusted to eviscerate the romance…






That said; the world does need a princess or two (in the name of balance). Disney cult followers can be taught the notion of context with some savvy convo and a little fun-time role playing…

…with Once Upon a Zombie Princess Dolls (right!?). Riiight!? (Toysrus.co.uk stock ’em)







When all is said and done it comes down to this: fantasy is fabulous – pontificating princesses is a wonderful thing. In fact, it’s necessary. Fantasy is a coping mechanism – it’s how we stay sane in a mad mad world. No one should be denied this privilege. But it – fantasy – should be known for what it is…something ethereal, something fleeting – and therein exists its beauty. Zombies and all.

Image Attribution: Zombie Princesses by Clocktowerman (@ DeviantArt)