Dreaming of metal again

I dreamt of metal again! Last time it was DevilDriver, this time it was Nightwish and Tuomas Holopainen. Here’s how it went…

Nightwish was playing a gig at a huge stadium, which was strangely scattered with tress, but instead of the venue being filled with screaming fans a bunch of oblivious high school kids were taking up all the space. Luckily they left to go on a school trip which meant that I could bust my bootylicious ass to the front row. So… I am busy partying up a storm when none other than Nicole Kidman (blagh!) makes her way to the stage front to do a duet with Tuomas (????).

Backed by a school choir that seemed to manifest from the mist enveloping the stage, Tuomas and Nicole proceeded to lead the singers in a Glee-style mash-up that included a church worship song, a Christmas carol and some random song about mead (apparently my subconscious thinks that drunk Vikings and power metal composers are synonymous). After the manic mash-up, Tuomas and Nicole exited the stage – ie. sat with their legs dangling over the side, oblivious to the gig that was going on in the background, chatting about Nicole’s apparently dismal love life.

True to the character of dreams I ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ found myself behind the stage, the back of which looked like a shop, packing plants into a window box… with Tuomas Holopainen and I wasn’t even starstruck! (definitely a dream). While planting seeds and leafy bushes into little boxes we chatted about life, love, horticulture (????) and everything else until Tuomas had to return to his day job – the gig that he was supposed to be playing – and I had to return to the front row.

The end.

It’s weird how dreams make you feel like you actually know people – like Tuomas Holopainen is actually my buddy. I guess that’s the beauty of uncontrolled fantasy – the fact that dreams are so completely incongruous with reality; they’re like a breath of fresh air, an escape from the humdrum of familiar existence. I would go as far as saying that the departure afforded by dreams keeps me sane – and dreaming of metal keeps me even more sane.