Dreaming of metal

I often dream of my favourite bands… and even my not so favourite. In Flames has played a private concert for me, I have been shopping with Marilyn Manson, Tuomas Holopainen has composed me a song and I once even dreamt that I was Jonathan Davis – singing for the masses. But last night it was DevilDriver’s turn.

I dreamt that I went to a big ‘Download Festival’ type concert with my husband and a friend. But then, typical to the incongruous nature of dreams, the ‘festival’ ended up being in a kitchen that was in a shopping centre – I chalk this down to a mix of Jamie’s American Food Revolution, which I have been watching, and DevilDriver’s gig this coming Saturday, which I have been thinking about.

In my dream, the gig started and everyone was partying hard until Dez stopped mid-song. Bummer. Big bummer. The reason: a massive queue comprising thousands of hungry people who were waiting to get into the kitchen where DevilDriver was performing. Dez felt sorry for the hungry people so he stopped the gig. With shoulders slumped, fans streamed out of the kitchen until only I was left. I casually asked Dez if he was going to resume the gig, to which he replied that DevilDriver would start playing again in an hour and a half. Dez suggested that I wait in the queue for some food in the meanwhile. Then came the punchline. I responded to Dez as follows: “Dez, I would never spend and hour queueing for food, but I would spend an hour queueing for you” – I patted him on the shoulder and stalked off. That was it. WTF? I woke up and my extreme embarrassment completely undermined the fact that I had been having a conversation with Dez Fafara. It was like the weird romantic gesture of a socially impaired, crazed fan. Awkward. AND WHEN WOULD DEZ FAFARA STOP A CONCERT FOR A BUNCH OF HUNGRY MORONS? Boy did my subconscious let me down on this occasion.