Eric or Bill: who is the superior stud?

Eric versus Bill: strap in ladies, this ride is going to get personal! Simply stated: Bill must win.

The voracious Viking is by far the superior stud – possibly something to do with a hunk of burnin’ love that goes by the name Alexander Skarsporngard. I afford no objection. Of course ‘book Eric’ is just as delectable, if not more so. The shageriffic Sheriff conforms perfectly to the ‘bad boy’ allure that makes women go week at the knees for vampire virility. An alluring aura of antiquated experience is aestheticized in the sex-god prowess of Eric Northman’s long blonde hair, radiant blue-eyes, tall stature, broad shoulders and bulging penis biceps; a perfect package enveloped in the ambience of a ‘rape and pillage/ command and conquer’ animal magnetism.

Eric sees what he wants and he gets it. Eric saw Sookie and he got her.

But the duplicitous, egocentric Viking Lothario’s snare of Sookie was diabolically devious, which undermines his raucous cry of rather loud love. A millennium-practised master of manipulation, Eric coerces Sookie into a blood bond, which is formed when a human and vampire exchange blood thrice within a short period of time. In Sookie’s world, as told through the Southern Vampire series, the consumption of a vampire’s blood elicits a bond that incites an intense emotional connection. The vampire can feel the emotions of the human and in Sookie’s case, since she is telepathic, it works the opposite way too. The more blood consumed, the deeper the bond. In Harris’s books, this bond might accentuate sexual and physical attraction but not create it altogether. In other words, Eric is not entirely to blame; Sookie was initially attracted to Fangtasia’s blonde bombshell. That said, love and lust are not one and the same.

In Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie is tricked into swallowing Eric’s blood (by sucking out a bullet to supposedly save the vamp’s life) after an attack – that’s ONE. She drank Eric’s blood after being staked in Club Dead TWO – and lucky number THREE occurred in All Together Dead; Sookie is accosted into forming a blood bond with Andre, another powerful vampire, and Eric steps in opportunistically – as the lesser of two evils he bonds with her himself. An obvious question is: if Eric and Sookie are bonded, surely the intensity of Bill and Sookie’s whirlwind love affair invoked a blood bond? It didn’t. Sookie only had Bill’s blood twice. Bill sucked on Sookie during sex, not the other way around.

In Dead Reckoning, unsure of the authenticity of her love for Eric (and vice versa), Sookie sanctimoniously severs the blood bond that pathologically binds her and Eric. So… are Sookie and Eric still in love? The answer is joyously ambiguous; in a moment of pure porn, lust is proved lucid and love, although adulterated by hormones, appears intact. Sookie’s relationship with Eric is a study on the notion of ‘serendipity’, which science says is sagacious ability to link together apparently innocuous facts in order to come to a valuable conclusion. Sookie and Eric’s love, arguably manipulated into existence, is based on context; had Eric not pressured a blood bond into being, suffered amnesia (giving Sookie a look at his pre-vampire personality), conspired with her fae family, and had Bill not betrayed Sookie at the volatile hands of Lorena etc… their love would never be. But their love IS, no matter the nature of its conception. The destruction of the blood bond does however provoke its fragility.

The destruction of the blood bond opens the door for other suitors. Bill, in particular. Fate often seems to conspire Sookie into Bill’s arms in the most compromising of concurrences. He is the a sexy shadow looming on the edge of consciousness… a first love that can never be forgotten, Although there appears to be no ‘Bill versus Eric’ competition for Sookie’s love, with Eric the clear winner, Dead and Gone ends with Niall telling his granddaughter; “The vampire is not a bad man, and he loves you.” But Niall disappears before Sookie can find out which vampire he meant. The fae’s cryptic message ignites a spark of hope for Bill, in a dual for Sookie’s love as prize.

The horrible betrayal Bill inflicted on Sookie in Club Dead is redeemed in Dead and Gone. In spite of his horrendously poor judgment in matters of the heart, Bill’s love for Sookie is genuine and he is devotedly loyal to her. He is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of hers. In Dead and Gone he tells her; “I have always loved you, and I will be proud to die in your service.”

And Sookie believes him. There is an endearing humility about Bill that is best demonstrated in the way he loves Sookie from afar, realising that true love requires him to let her go. In so doing Bill denies his vampiric nature, which is driven by self-gratification. And it is this denial that makes Bill so captivating a character; rather than embrace his vampirism, as does Eric Northman, he lives in constant conflict with the vampire traits that define his ‘existence.’ Bill is a tortured soul. He is a noble, complicated being. He is a self-inflicted martyr. And there is something deeply seductive about tragic love.

Not forgetting Alan Ball’s pairing of Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer. TV Bill and Sook-eh have a fiery chemistry that emanates through the screen at maximum wattage. Yum!

The attraction to either Bill or Eric (perhaps both if you are indiscriminately horny) is rooted in each vampire’s relationship with Sookie. Bill’s selflessness contrasts poignantly with Eric’s selfishness. Eric is attractively dangerous and, in many ways, is the archetype vampire cliché. His love is rooted in his need for prowess and power. Perhaps this love has evolved throughout the course of the series? The test will be; to what lengths Sookie’s vampire husband will go in order to sever his betrothal to the Queen of Oklahoma (Dead Reckoning) as arranged by his maker Appius Livius Ocella prior to his death.

Bill, on the other hand, has everything to prove. Bring it!


Or maybe…

… they could share. Add Sam, Quinn and Alicide and we’ll have a proper porn fest. Bring it… more!

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