Film-inspired woodcut prints

Intrinsic to the nature of Art is that it inspires other Art; an idea exuded in the film-inspired Woodcut Prints of artist Loren Kantor. A lover of movies, music and old Los Angeles this artist has chanelled her passions into meticulously rendered impressions of actors and scenes from her favourite films. An astute viewer, Kantor’s perceptively surrendered carvings reflect subtle nuances of tone and atmosphere. Expressions and mannerisms are translated with perspicuous insight and sensitive subjectivity envelopes each work of art. With the tools of understanding and dexterity in hand (and mind), Kantor’s chosen subject matter is both intuitively immortalised and distinctively interpreted, in an ode to some of cinema’s greatest accomplishments.

Loren Korter’s woodcuts are cool, quirky and artsy. They are avialable for purchase, and custom prints are available upon request. Visit for more info.