Glee: Chick Fight!

Santana’s had a slap coming to her all season. And who better to dish it than fat Lauren?

In Monday night’s Clash of the Bitches showdown, the ruthless wrestler was always going to kick the ass of the chavvy cheerleader. What’s a little locker slamming in the name of all things entertaining? While Santana pulled hair and bit, Lauren slam dunked the shit out of her slutty siren nemesis in true WWF-Jerry-Springer style. Needless to say, lecherous Lauren was the clear winner. The cherry on Glee‘s combat cake of altercation awesomeness was Coach Beast dangling a slack Santana over her behemothic shoulder on the way to the nurse’s office – Booyah!

Santana is great but let’s be honest, a beat-down was well deserved!

Here’s a proposition: Glee should host a round-robin Bitch Fight Tournament featuring the show’s lovely lasses (and the guys can cheer!). My money’s on Rachel – I surmise that she has some pent up aggression that if let loose on Santana and Quinn is sure to get pretty badass. And the more badass, the better. It’s called vicarious living.