Glee: The magic of stupid

I know I’m more talented than all of you. Britney Spears taught me that.

Not sure what y’all think but for me there is one emerging favourite in Glee, season two, who (dare I say it) rivals Kurt in sheer awesome hilarity. It’s Brittany.

Throughout Glee, Brittany Pierce’s talent has been like a ticking time bomb, which eventually blasted its way into audience consciousness with the Britney/Brittany episode. Brittany posing as Britney (Spears) was simply sensational; Heather Morris’s delicious dancing and vampish vocals showcased the Glee star’s undeniably obvious aptitude as a performer.

But the best part of Brittany is her metaphoric mouth.

The term ‘dumb blonde’ is a euphemism for Brittany’s less than adequate intellect. Without fail, her stupidity has me rolling around on the floor every single Glee episode. Each week I wait in glorious anticipation for shiny gems of thought to be birthed in Brittany’s brain and subsequently formulated into words that will spew forth from her unassuming lips for me to laugh at. Like word vomit; horrifically hilarious word vomit.

And when Brittany is mixed with Artie, sparks of charismatic chemistry send me into fits of laughter. Brittany’s rather random relationship with wheel-chair bound Artie is rendered idyllic by its symbiotic nature; Artie has ‘the brains’ and Brittany has…’the moves.’ Artie and Brittany (for as long as it lasts) form two halves of a whole, a state of existence best played out in Glee’s Special Education episode in which Brittany battles an unusual case of stage fright;

Artie: We all know you can do it.
Brittany: I know that I can’t. Just like I know the cricket that reads to me at night is totally stealing my jewellery.

Artie gets the irony of Brittany’s senseless simile and, totally insinc with her vibe, knows the perfect cure for his girlfriend’s jitters; a magic comb invested with supernatural powers that will help conquer her performance fears. If only life’s problems could be solved with the likes of a fear destroying magic comb – *sigh* – the simplicity of stupidity is totally endearing. Especially when, if things don’t go the way we want them to, stupid dictates that possums are the answer:

Brittany: If we lose, we should throw possums.

Oh, to be Brittany!