Gorilla Perfume

Forget tall, dark, hairy and… smelly (in a malodorous overactive-jungle-animal kind of way). Gorilla perfume has nothing to do with those big, black, gorgeous beasts of nature. Rather, it’s an anti-marketing marketing strategy. Ironic? That’s the point. It’s a ‘guerilla rebellion’ if you will (don’t we all love a good pun!).

Natural bath, body and cosmetic brand Lush has deconstructed the elaborate extravaganza associated with secular perfume marketing in a strategy that keeps it simple. In line with the brand’s ethical philosophy, Lush has eliminated the emphasis on gorgeous, glossy perfume packaging in favour of basic black – that’s it. The idea is to dramatise the fragrance rather than the wrapping.

It’s the kind of doctrine that demands support almost entirely because of its purity of essence. The fragrances do, however, smell amazing! There is a story attached to each scrumptious scent, encouraging the consumer to truly invest in choosing the perfect perfume – intellectually as opposed to visually.

The marketing strategy could be translated into words as: ‘stop… and think’. It’s just so clever – well done Lush, on yet another savvy brand elaboration!

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