How to get KITSCH with Kate!


Will & Kate got married and lots of dumb shit was produced in their honour. Read and weep.

There is nothing like a Royal wedding to inspire decorative disaster and fashion faux pas, and if anyone thought that Will and Kate would transcend style setback and class catastrophe, think again!

Forget commemorative tea towels, mugs, plates and coins – those are so 1981. Invite Will and Kate into your home with a Limited Edition Royal Wedding Sliding Door System. Eat dinner with Will and Kate, watch TV with Will and Kate, write e-mails with Will and Kate… and why stop there? Bath with Will and Kate, dress with Will and Kate, kiss with Will and Kate, copulate with Will and Kate – nothing is more exciting than having Royalty share in an intimate moment. The doors feature Kate and William’s photo image on glass panels, which come in a range of colours, including pink and blue. There is also a choice of colour and finish of frames, including white, silver and wood effect.

It’s all a little too kitsch to be cool. That said, Will and Kate sliding doors do complement golden carriages and poofy meringue dresses, so if Royalty is your fascinated fetish, visit to purchase a Will and Kate stained Royal Wedding Sliding Door System – no-one’s judging (perhaps only a little – okay, probably a lot). But who cares right? Go BIG or go home.