It’s all about Respect

446px-uncle_sam_pointing_finger1I want to vote! Even though I have abandoned my country for the greener pastures of another. Even though I am not fighting against crime, a weakened economy and a shortage of job opportunities. Even though I am quite happy to let my country descend into an abyss of mediocrity inspired by a government that does not deliver on its promises. The apathy of a nation is reflected by the number of people who turn up to vote on Election Day. Suffragettes fought for this very right. Slaves fought for this very right. Minorities fought for this very right. One can argue that democracy is a fraud and that a vote is irrelevant. But that is irrelevant. So here’s the point: a vote signifies respect. Respect for those who were never able to have their say, and fought for it. A vote signifies your protest against that which you defy and your salute to that which you make your choice. Perhaps I have nullified my right to vote by leaving. But that too is irrelevant. I want to show my respect for the suffragettes and the slaves and the minorities. I want to enact my protest. I want to enact my choice. I want to be wanted Uncle Sam. What is suggested by a government that won’t let its citizens choose their leader? This same government, a government that fought and struggled to achieve its very right to be elected. Fuck you! That’s what the government says. Fuck You! Why do you think I live in London? At least the Fuck You! is more subtle here.