Kate Moss’s Gypsy Wedding

So, Kate Moss was inspired by the travelling community to have a gypsy wedding. The Mirror.co.uk reports that “Kate is obsessed with the series and watched it religiously week in, week-out.”

But the model’s efforts really aren’t up to scratch. Where are the boobs, hair, lights, netting, eye-liner, crystals, orange skin, nails and peroxide?

I am most disappointed – the whole affair has been sadly underwhelming. Couldn’t you have added a little porn, poof and ponce to the whole shebang, dear Kate? You managed to clean the white off your nose for a couple of hours after all! Asking for a little trash is not totally out of line (or character).

Maybe next time…

Check out Kate’s not-all-that-gypsy-wedding, featured in Vogue‘s September edition(and breathe a sigh of relief as you peruse the prettiness):