Killer Cakes – Natalie Sideserf #coolshit

Michael Myers Cake

The satisfaction of biting into a slice of Michael Myers’ sponge-infested, icing-addled brain…

…do it for Laurie.

Natalie Sideserf is an artist who’s chosen cake and chocolate as her medium for sculpting. Her creations are quite unbelievable – beautiful and disgusting and entirely awesome! Check out these killer cakes from Sideserf Cake Studio:

Mike & Saul Cakes
Human Heart Cake
Clown Cake
Great Bear Constellation Cake
Galaxy Ram Cake
Chimp & Longhorn Cakes
Cow Skull Cake
Severed Head Wedding Cake
Manson & Leatherface Cakes
Chocolate Cat with Scratch Post Cake

Sheer genius. For more awesomeness, find Sideserf Cake Studio on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and at