L.A. Lights and Basketball

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In a nutshell; the 90s were awesome. Why wouldn’t we want to remember them. Rant! indulges in little nostalgia.

L.A Gear… but not just L.A. Gear, L.A Lights! Launched in 1992 (I was 9 going on 10), L.A. Lights were high-top sports shoes that weren’t really sports shoes; they had a mod look, laced up with ribbons (the girls’ ones) and lit up on the heel when you walked. All the cool kids had them…

… I wasn’t a cool kid, so I didn’t have them but boy! Did I want them. Desperately. L.A. Gear was a high-end brand that my family could not afford so all I could do was cast envious glances at the feet of friends who were more fortunate than I. Being 10 was tough. I thought that if I put ‘ribbon laces’ in my regular sneakers, I could still possibly pass for cool. My logic was mostly misguided.

L.A. Lights were a pop culture tribute to supreme American athleticism. Basketball, especially the NBA, was at an all-time high in the 90s: Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, John Stockton, Christian Laettner and Clyde Drexler were the dream team of the decade. Kids wore high tops, and basketball vests and basketball themed ‘baseball caps’ in honour of their favourite heroes and teams… Chicago Bulls was a particular favourite.

There is nothing more American than Basketball and through fashion, the slam dunks of the USA ruled the 90s.