Lime Crime makeup – best EVA!

If you perceive makeup in all its expressive artistry, Lime Crime is a brand you need to take note of! It is fantastical eccentricity sculpted into shadow, gloss, varnish and powder. Lime Crime boasts a mix of sultry sorbets, magnificent metallics and conspicuous colours that yearn to be painted all over the nearest face. The makeup – encompassing eyes, lips, nails and face – makes a vivid statement full of fabulosity and bold idiosyncrasy.

The names say it all: eye shadow palattes D’Antionette and Chinadoll invent imagination; dust pots including Cupcake Thief, Medusa, Siren, Troubadour and Abracadabra fabricate fancy; carousel glosses featuring Candy Apple red and Loo-de-Loop blue resonate resplendence; opaque lipsticks Cosmopop, Chinchilla and Coquette speculate seduction.


Check out some images (below) pulled off the site and visit to start the inevitable shopping spree!