Madame Coco’s red velvet perfection

Sometimes life is perfect.

There are magnificent moments when the human brain seems to take cognisance of the fact that nothing is wrong and everything is right. Just right. These instances are usually fleeting… but the compilation of many perfect moments makes Life a beautiful place to be.

Cake, friends, fun and sun concocted one of my most recent epiphanies of perfection. But it wasn’t just any cake…

As I dipped my fork into a divine slice of red velvet cheese cake enshrouded in white chocolate raspberry ganache and frosted with cream cheese deliciousness; I glanced up and noticed the sun’s rays splintering through the leafy green canopies overhead, I felt the warmth of summer and listened vaguely to the laughter and chatter of friendship inspired… and life was perfect. The moment was destined to be mine.

Madame Coco was responsible for my little piece of heaven. Visit to forge your own piece of home made perfection.