Manson turns model – say what!?



So… Manson turns model. Of course he does!

What better way to relive the pinnacle decade of a talent so perverse, so brilliant, than model 90s chic fifteen odd years after the fact? Smells like… nope, not children; how ’bout has been?

‘Manson for Saint Laurent’is a rock inspired music project that is an ode to 90s grunge – angst and fashion. And get this; project designer Hedi Slimane let the participating stars (including Courtney Love, Kim Gordon and Ariel Pink) style themselves. Seriously!? – A design house that… uh… doesn’t model its own clothes. Is there anything more ridiculous, or lame? Oh wait! Yup – there was that little thing about MANSON TURNING MAIN STREAM MODEL!

It’s always a sad day when the Extraordinary falls into the very mediocre hands of the Ordinary.

Here’s what irks: Manson, a weird combination of pop god and metal muse – the one and only, was the epitome of anti-establishment in the 90s. He was grotesque. He was hated. He was news. And it was awesome. It seems a travesty and a bitter irony to celebrate what he achieved in music and in art by degrading it to a caricature version of his former self – one that doesn’t even look like Manson circa 1999.

But you know Manson, he aims to irk. Sadly, all he can do to inspire a reaction stronger than a yawn these days is sign up to a Saint Laurent campaign and arrive at gigs so fucked off his tits that he can’t complete a song.

It sucks.

And yet…

…the world is still a little less interesting without Marilyn Manson in it.

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