On Stranger Tides kicks Awesome’s ass

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides kicked box office ass in the UK on opening weekend, debuting with an impressive £11.63m, including £3.07m in Wednesday and Thursday previews. That’s the biggest opening of 2011 by a considerable margin, beating Paul (£5.52m), Thor (£5.45m) and Fast & Furious 5 (£5.33m).

Jack Sparrow can do no wrong. And a fifth and sixth film are already in the works…

With new director, Rob Marshall, at the helm of ‘Pirates 4’ many fans feared that the franchise would lose its quirky charisma. But it hasn’t, not at all. Jack is as brilliant as ever. Johnny Depp, an unconventional, edgy character actor whose success is entrenched in a fearless willingness to take great risks, recurrently repels audiences with his bewitchingly brilliant but often misunderstood performances. But not with ‘Pirates’. The actor has stolen the hearts of the masses without alienating his cult fan base. This is an indication of just how special a character Jack Sparrow is. And the sumptuous star knows it!

At a recent press conference with the cast, Rob Marshall, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer in Beverly Hills for the movie, Depp talked about taking Captain Jack Sparrow beyond a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Depp admitted that he’d like to grow old with Jack:

“I think they can wheel me in,” joked delicious Depp. “Have my dreads get tangled in the wheels of the chair.”

The actor foresees endless possibilities for the fantastically flamboyant pirate:

“Interestingly enough, for me, characters like Captain Jack, you feel like you could just like continue. The possibilities are endless, limitless. There’s any possibility of madness and absurdity that could commence. So with this character you feel you’re never really done.”

When the Big Bosses at Disney initially watched The Curse of the Black Pearl, many thought Johnny Depp’s gloriously over-the-top characterisation ruined the film. The actor responded, “Look, these are the choices I made. You know my work. So either trust me or give me the boot.” And that’s why the world loves Johnny: his dedication to his craft means that the actor will not sacrifice his artistic principles to satiate the demands of popular opinion, which allows the magical genius that is deeply Depp to envelope each and every role he acts.

Ironically, it is Johnny Depp’s rejection of familiarity and traditionalism (both of which usually appeal to the consumer en masse) that has provoked the exorbitant appeal of Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow that is.

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