Piggy’s plight

3490_1212262541514_311_400WTF! Eight babies AT ONCE! Seriously? The miracle is undermined by the fact that mom Nadya Suleman already has SIX children. If you suck at math, that means she now has FOURTEEN children. But wait…it gets better. Ms Suleman is a single mom living with her parents, and all FOURTEEN of her children, yes ALL fourteen, have been conceived using in vitro fertilization with sperm from the same donor. Hey, I mean it’s not like the world is overpopulated and starvation is a problem or anything. So let’s talk ethical responsibility. You are a doctor. A single woman, who lives with her parents and has received in vitro successfully on six previous occasions at your clinic, walks in requesting treatment so that she can have her seventh baby. You say, “Sure, no problem! If you birth a football team per chance, your parents will foot the bill anyway and when they croak you can always rely on the tax payers. Jobs and fathers are so overated anyway.” Good decision. In an interview with the NBC, Ms Suleman stated “I’m not trying to expect anything from anybody. I just wanted to do it on my own. Any resources that someone would really, really want to help us, I will accept, I would embrace…I will feed them. I will do the best I possibly can”. Sounds like as good a reason as any to birth fourteen babies.

The degeneration of the moral core of society is often just so damn funny. And my hysteria over a video on YouTube (follow the link) attests to the fact that I am as degenerate as the next person. In my best American hoodlum/chola accent, I have spent the last week chanting “I’m gonna have a baby…and if I can’t afford it…i’ll just sell it”. Nope, I haven’t been fired yet. The fifteen-year-old on this Jerry Springer-esque talkshow makes a great example for the argument that there should exist a right to veto individuals from reproducing based on a set of criteria. The logistics of defining and agreeing on said criteria could be messy and yes yes, I know that it is unconstitutional and in violation of The Rights of Man. Fuck those rights anyway. What does a right to anything even mean when those rights are selectively applied? The personal rights of Ms Suleman infringe the socio-economic rights of her fourteen children. So which right is more valuable? And who has the right to decide which is more valuable? These questions would be redundant if man used his God-given brain to make sensible (admittedly a debatable concept) and unselfish decisions. That being said, I do however tend to agree with William Golding’s perception of man, which is illustrated in the most brilliant, awesome and amazing novel Lord of the Flies. When the structures that keep man in check are eradicated, chaos ensues as the innately sinful and selfish nature of man is exposed. There is no cure. Ask Piggy.