Piña coladas and poker

An evening of piña coladas and poker sounded like a genius idea. And it was… for all the right reasons.

When the four of us get together, verbal warfare is the name of the ‘hanging out’ game. It’s how we roll. Some people can’t comprehend affection expressed through derision and we don’t try to explain. Chemistry is often a surprising anomaly and it’s kind of cool to leave it at that. Who cares how we became friends, why we became friends and all the in-between – the matter of fact is we are friends…

… poker playing, piña colada drinking friends.

Rum has the ability to do a Jack Sparrow on anyone; catatonia for one, verbose impertinence for another, distracted dalliance and clumsy catastrophe for some – but a general tone of mania for all.

So, when the evening degenerated into a hysterical vortex of lewd, crude and rude, we basked in the awesomeness of companionship; absurd interaction that ‘keeps it real’, that entertains, that inspires, that provokes. Authentic essence enveloped in frivolous fun. Hearts on sleeves. Soul mates in every way.

Genuine affinity void of pretence is a rarity.

Friendship is beautiful.

Life is beautiful.