Poverty, my ass

I find it very hard to empathise. Call me hardass, ignorant, unChristian… whatever

Vacuous violence rooted in a decaying moral framework. There is no excuse for this behaviour.

They cry poverty, I cry bullshit.

Visit Africa – that’s real poverty; people with nothing. No homes, no healthcare, no jobs, no schools… people who fight for every morsel of food. I lived there, I’ve seen it.

In a socialist system where those who cannot cope financially, physically and emotionally are offered ‘benefits’, are placed on the dole – those who are afforded homes, satellite, Nike shoes, blackberrys, schools, hospitals – metaphorically spit on the plight of those who truly have nothing… I struggle to empathise. For those who have the help of a system that they claim to hate without knowing why, and thus exploit, use and abuse that which they have been given… I struggle to empathise.

My head tells me I need to understand, my heart says fuck you guys and your riot.

I don’t ignore the fact that poverty is relative to the individual and that negating subjective desires and emotions, and comparing circumstances, is dangerous … and I contemplate this from the comfort of my own home, from the privilege of parents who care and a system that ‘raised me right’ (thanks South Africa). Hypocrisy acknowledged. Feelings unchanged.

I try but I cannot…

Why pretend?