Rant! partners with Netflix. WOOP!

Rant! has always been a fan of Netflix (advert-free, binge-friendly TV – come on!) and was recently invited to partner with the mega-streamer in an initiative to bring awesome series to the masses by  talkin’ tele (the good, the bad and the ugly – not everything’s brilliant, right?) whenever and wherever. And boy Rant! loves to gab – with a stack of show posts in the archive, including; Santa Clarita Diet – get your fill TODAY!, Making a Murderer. Hillbillies are people too., Green Eggs and Porn plus loads more. Scroll through the recesses of Rant! and you’ll find hidden Netflix gems all over the place!

Rant! has has even loaned its voice out; hoisting Netflix into the realm of philosophy with Discord in the Doghouse, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic featured on Andphilosophy.com.

Since partnering with Netflix, Rant!’s published blab on Glow, Bloodline, Master of None and the ten best shows for kids. We’re a great match. And as it turns out we also like icing cookies, making terrariums and designing our own perfume together; eating copious amounts of food and drinking coffee, too. Rant! calls it…destiny.

So, here’s to more ‘news and views’ on the smorgasbord of shows that make Netflix utterly delicious!