Rock N’ Roll Bride

Tired of the wedding clichés walloped down your throat in just about every bridal mag on planet earth? Don’t feel blue, have I got a site for you!

It’s called Rock N’ Roll Bride, and it kicks the dull derrière of boring Banality out of the proverbial ball park.

Rock ‘n’ Roll bride aka Kat Williams aims to help you find all that you didn’t find when trawling the web (and glossy mags) for ideas to help make your wedding perfect for YOU. Poofy, pink and pastel become ultra cool in the hands of the Rock ‘n’ Roll bride: think tattooed punk brides next to eco hippy chic weddings and DIY extravaganzas juxtaposed with elaborate Alice in Wonderland themed weddings.

A wedding is a celebration of love. Logic dictates that it should be a representation of the couple in love. Certainly not a mere reflection of a rehashed, re-staged bridal cover; the lame poses and boring backgrounds sold on television. ‘Alternative’ is not about rebelling against trend for the mere sake of it; it’s about doing what you love in spite of trend (whether it fits or not) – it’s about being brave in a world that revels in telling its denizens what to think and how to behave. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is an attitude. A state of being. A way of thinking.


Visit for some creative and inspiring wedding ideas and stories!

And while we’re talking wedding; I know a few Rock ‘n’ Roll brides myself. Feast your eyes…

Eric & Adel

Alastair and Cherise


Byron & Jane

Nic & Keli


Photography Credit:
Rock N’ Roll Bride: David McNeil
All Wedding Photography – Marcus Maschwitz