Royal Mail celebrates 150 years of Alice awesomeness


Don’t feel bad if the Royal Mail’s awesome stamp collection has has never quite managed to cajole you into queueing for copious minutes inside the maw of one of the its strawberry red minion offices. Why would you? When Gmail is bigger, badder, better and there aren’t a hundred elderly on the verge of using their unassuming canes to mete out a serious beat-down on bolshy tellers and innocent bystanders who have had the audacity to step a millimetre out of line in an effort to claim an envelope from the for sale shelf? No. Royal Mail’s got to do something drastic to get the mentally sound into the same air space as the protesting patrons that frequent venues, like release a set of postage stamps depicting scenes from Alice In Wonderland in celebration of the book’s 150th anniversary. If there were such treasures available at strawberry red minion offices around the UK, it might even be worth writing letter or two (just for the sake of a pretty stamp) to be fed into one of those red box things that punctuate street corners.

Well, as it so happens, Royal Mail (which must have a ‘cool kid’ marketer on the payroll) has released a whole bunch of kickass memorabilia to celebrate the sheer awesomeness of Alice and her curious cronies. There’s a 10-strong stamp collection – framed or as is; a three-dimensional gift edition book with fold-out pages based on the stamp artwork, including excerpts from the original book; a presentation pack dishing the dirt on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from genesis to publication, including interesting insights and a bunch of illustrations; Alice themed pins and even A Jim Shore Alice figurine.




Uh…also; there’s no need to stand in line when you can order online. Ha! Visit Royal Mail to check out the treasures.