Savage soaps – oh so pretty! #coolshit

There is something so glorious and otherworldly about soaking in the strangeness of luminous pink bath water whilst enveloped in a perfect perfume of lime, lavender and peppermint. Glass of wine. Good book. (Kids in bed). Yesss puh-lease. Diabolical, decadent and very delicious.

Have a look at some of the delectable bath-time designs dreamed up by Pretty Savage:

LL Cool Savage – Lavender, Lime & Peppermint essential oils.
Build Your Own Bath Bomb Box – colours include purple, green and turquoise.
The 13 Days of Savage Wax Melt Box – Made with the soya wax blend and festive colours along with a dash of sparkle.
Bat Bomb Set – Red Bat with a ‘heart’ of black (scented in cherry cola fragrance) & Purple Bat with a rainbow ‘heart’ (scented in watermelon fragrance).

All products are hand made.