Scream 4 has arrived!

There is Courtney Cox with better hair and Neve Campbell with the same hair, David Arquette back as dumb Dewey, Emma Roberts looking lovely, Hayden Panettiere running for her life instead of saving the world, Rory Culkin all grown up, and best of all, Wes Craven is The Boss. In other words, Scream 4 has arrived! AND listen up: the film is intended to be the first of a new trilogy, with both Craven and Kevin Williamson (writer of Scream and Scream 2) signed on for the duration. Check out the trailer:

Scream (the first) was released in 1996. The film’s stylish parody and ironic commentary on the horror genre, slasher flicks in particular, were appreciated by both audiences and reviewers alike – a true rarity in the world of film. The Scream trilogy of the 90s abandoned guts and gore in favour of a mocking humour that thrilled and threatened with unbearable simultaneity.

Almost fifteen years after Scream was released, true to the fetish of the die-hard horror sequel, a new trilogy has been set in motion. Craven’s approach to Scream 4 is hotly aticipated; will the premise of the new film be a rehash of the first Scream – a comedic exploitation of the horror genre? And if so, will a new generation of audience members as well as established fans be endeared to a sequel trilogy that cannot escape the shadow of its predecessor?

Or will Craven shake things up a little? – Whatever that means within the context of the current ‘horrendous horror’ trend that aims to scintillate and sicken with scenes so gruesome, grisly and ghastly that plot justification becomes a laborious task. The Scream 4 slogan “New Decade. New Rules” is suggestive. It remains to be seen.

To whet your appetite check out the official Scream 4 website at and CLICK HERE to ‘like’ the film’s facebook page.