Sheriff shirt or holocaust horror? – How is this even ‘a thing’?


Big news people. BIG. Blue and white striped shirt with gold sheriff badge hits the street.



What a load of crap.

So – fashion chain Zara has pulled a striped shirt for children featuring a sheriff star after its design caused an almighty hullabaloo by members of the public who have likened the shirt to the clothes worn by Jewish concentration camp prisoners…and taken great offence.

Jewish Press writer Hana Levi Julian said that shirt was an “ugly, sly swipe at Jewish Holocaust survivors”.


Wait. Here’s an idea: how ’bout any time something incites an emotional cue, any time something offends someone, we ban it. You know, one time, my cat was run over by a car and now cats just depress me – ban them! KILL THEM! ALL of them. And this other time, my parents got divorced and now every time I go to a wedding, I feel sad – I DEMAND AN END TO ALL WEDDINGS. In fact, BAN marriage. NO ONE should be married BECAUSE I SUFFERED. Potatoes make me sad because a couple of my Irish ancestors died in the great famine of 1845. So STOP growing potatoes. THEY OFFEND ME. I’m also not all that partial to Justin Bieber and One Direction – they totally insult my sense of taste – BAN THEM. NOW.

And did you know that Jewish concentration camp prisoners wore striped uniforms, and stars to recognise them as Jews – BAN stripes, BAN stars…obliterate the night sky, cut out blue from the colour spectrum.



Source: – “Zara Pulls Striped ‘Sheriff’ Shirt After ‘Holocaust Design’ Outrage”