Spotify rescinds service. LAME!

Isn’t it kind of mean to give someone a gift and then later demand payment for said gift? Mean and wrong. And NOT gift-like at all!

Are you listening Spotify?

The online music service is halving the amount of free music that users can listen to. Spotify users will be limited to 10 hours per month, half the time currently offered and will only be able to listen to tracks five times, from May 1.

Boo hoo!!!

Music rationings. How unfun. Spotify is free and therefore awesome – or so we thought. Is ‘free’ too good to be true? Apparently so. Spotify seems to doing a Rupert Murdoch on its listeners.

In response to fans’ irate response to what seems like the sneaky transferal of the Spotify model from free to paid, Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer, told the BBC:

Our chief priority is to keep the free service, which is what has made Spotify so popular. We’re a company whose ambition is to offer all the world’s music to everyone which means growing the business and our user base to many times its current size. Everything we do is designed to ensure our users continue to have access to an amazing free experience.

Do we believe the man? Uh… no. Sounds like a ploy: lure in the masses, hook ‘em and then make ‘em pay. It’s one thing to offer Spotify as a ‘pay for’ service from the get-go but to offer it free and then change your mind because the dollar signs come a-calling is just immoral.

Last month, the online music service announced that it had one million paying subscribers across Europe. But the majority of its 6.67m listeners use the free service, which is subsidised by adverts. So, if people are hooked on Spotify because it is free, logic dictates that 5.67m users will discontinue the their subscriptions – that’s a whole lot less people to preach ads to, and therefore not much of a marketing tool for advertisers.

Assuming Ken Parks is bullshitting about the whole ‘prioritising the free service part of Spotify’, the CCO is taking a massive risk in hoping that listeners will become paying subscribers. A massive risk.

I love Spotify… but I won’t pay for it. Thanks for being lame Ken.

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