Tarsem Singh goes Disney – wtf!?

Fairytale fanaticism is momentarily rife in Hollywood and two movies are currently butting their big fat motion picture heads. Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Tarsem Singh and Rupert Sanders respectively, are interpretations of the Grimm Brothers’ version of the ancient ‘Snow White’ folktale, which has appeared in various forms (and countries) through the ages. Before I resume my rant, check out the trailers so you can form your own opinion before I dish mine…

Mirror Mirror looks gayer than gay and Snow White and the Huntsman looks AWE-SUM! Let me reiterate my point:

I am a massive Tarsem Genius Singh fan – The Cell, The Fall; superb! Singh’s Dali-esque vision is simply magnificent. His intricate imagination, so beautifully rendered in his films, is both disturbing and enigmatically alluring. So I ask; what’s with the Disneyfication? (And I am not hating on Disney btw – Evil Queen rocks!) Fairytales are intrinsically dark, deadly and daring, which so perfectly suits the style of Singh. I get the whole tongue-in-cheek thing but seriously, wtf? Talk about disappointment deluxe. On the other hand, Rupert Sander’s re-imagining looks everything like Singh’s should be – at least someone has got it right!