Tatty Devine Day of the Dead collection

Popular culture has colonised ‘the skull’ and consequently, modernism dictates versatility of connotation. Doom, gloom and death are still attached but severe ornamentation has imbued a bizarre irony on Mr Bone Face. And so eccentricity reigns supreme over traditional iconography. In the words of Tatty Devine, “Who said death has to be dark?”

The jewellery brand’s spring/summer 2012 collection includes a Day of the Dead excerpt that is way too cool for school. Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos is celebrated with fancy sugar art skulls, which, according to tradition, are created in honour of the dearly departed. They are intricately designed and beautifully bright and festive – a tone that is inherent in Tatty Devine’s idiosynratic embellishments. And so tradition marries popular culture in a celebration of the macabre.

Included in the collection is “the daddy of all skull necklaces” – a supersized skull that recreates the Mexican tradition using lasercut perspex. He is a magnificent specimen whose teeth and jaw are linked on so that they flap around, making the skull appear to chuckle. How does that not make you fall in love?

There are also are brooches, rings, earrings and pendants to be had… which MUST be had!

To whet your appetite:


Meet ‘Mr Daddy’: