The politics of sushi

SUSHI – a delectable delight that only those with an ‘educated’ pallet would dare to dish at a dinner party OR an overrated, anticlimactic cuisine quantified by haughty Westerners wishing to appear tactfully trendy.

It’s foreign, expensive and healthy…

…sushi isn’t just sushi any more, it’s about status. Which is fucking lame right? Since when did fish become the cool-o-metre of modern society?

It used to be bottled water. Until recently, drinking mineral-infused liquid from a mountain spring hidden away in the hills of Italy, in a cleverly marketed bottle, was in vogue. Nothing was more mod than strutting down the street with a bottle of San Pellegrino in hand – dehydration is after all a real danger in the developed world. But that trend has done a one eighty. People caught onto the whole ‘drinking water from a bottle for the sake of it is lame’ thing. And one can always trust the supermarkets to take the capitalist out of anything prestigiously pretentious… and so it came to pass that mass-marketed ‘own-label’ brand bottled water came into being, and the poor plebeians applauded whilst the embarrassed elite searched for a new fashion (sushi perhaps?). Now, ordering tap water in a restaurant is back to being the fly fad of the moment.

People are random.

ps. I like sushi and bottled water.