Tom cruises his way to Glee. We hope!

Rumour has it that Tom Cruise has been invited to guest star on Glee.

Although a placenta eating, scientology spewing, insanely charismatic high school teacher would be a pretty awesome ‘character’ edition to the zany Glee cast, the scoop is that Tom is in talks to play a failed and jaded pop star who is now teaching a glee club at a rival school.

I guess a ‘jaded pop star teacher guy’ is okay. Maybe he could get a high school kid pregnant and have to eat the placenta… please Ryan Murphy – just for fun. If not, could you at least give him a mullet and make him serenade Brittany with Candle in the Wind. Perhaps Elton John could accompany? But that might be a bit too ironic.

Apparently the producers love the idea that Tom might create a character just like Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. His dance rendition to Flo Rida’s Low went down so well with audiences and they know something like that would be just as popular, if not more so, on Glee.


So why not, Tom? If Gwyn can do it, you can too. Katie and Suri love Glee. I suspect the time will come when you may need to play the ‘I did Glee for you baby’ card.

Do it Tom. Do it!