Back to the 90s Series

In a nutshell; the 90s were awesome. Why wouldn’t we want to remember them. Rant! indulges in little nostalgia.

When I was probably about 10 years old, I was obsessed with Trolls.

Back in the 90s, some marketing genius managed to sell the idea to pre-teens that Trolls weren’t ugly, hairy, warty dudes-with-height-problems that hid under bridges and ate goats. In fact, Trolls were cute little plastic guys with pointy hair that came in a flood of fruity smells. They were excellent for impaling on pencils, liked to hang out with Barbie and made pretty cool dressing table decorations.

I had a drummer Troll with orange hair and a green drum kit, a tutti frutti Troll with strawberry smelling pink hair and I also had a little Troll with blue hair that adorned the rear of my HB pencil and made a great I’m-bored-in-maths distraction.

ps. when I say had, I actually mean have.