Universal ditches Dark Tower

Universal has decided to ditch Dark Tower. Deadline exclusively reports that the studio has said ‘no thanks’ to the ultra-ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King 7-novel series that was going to encompass a trilogy of feature films and two limited run TV series.

And to be honest, I am relieved. I am one fan who is not disappointed.

Although never adverse to inter-artistic interpretation, the possibility of a film version of Stephen King’s intricately woven mythology scared the crap out of me. My two biggest fears; the film would not be worthy of my imagination (so inspired by King’s expert writing) and that it would be massacred without meaning – character and plot wise.

I guess there’s the whole ‘don’t watch it then’ philosophy but in all honesty, I am just too curious. Curious enough to risk disappointment.

I guess that makes my concerns my problem…

…or not; thanks to Universal.

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