Vajazzle your vaj

Is your vagina feeling tired, sad and lonely… not to mention ugly?

Is your relationship suffering from sex-decline? Has Romance been marooned on an island of depression? Is your partner ignoring your advances?

If true, I have the answer for YOU…

Give your vaj a makeover with Vajazzle. Put the S back into Sex and the funk back into fucking by adorning your crotch with Swarovski crystals.

Even celebs are vajazzling their vajay-jays; Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elle Macpherson and pretty much everyone from Essex. YOU should do it too.

Vajazzle body art crystals are available in a variety of colours and stone sizes, with exclusive designs being added all the time. The crystals are easy-to-apply and can be worn for all kinds of occasions… especially fucking.

Check out some designs that may just tickle your fancy:

Get Godly with a Vajazzle Cross

Sparkle and shine with a Vajazzle Star

Love your lovely with a Vajazzle Heart

Visit and order your Vajazzle NOW! It’s not trashy at all!